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Funky bas

Lot 601

8 Funky Socks
Winning bid$25.00
Winning bidderPierre Gaumond
Bid time07:27 pm
Offered bySignature Pro
Bid increment$3.00

Product Description

8 pairs of mens sock. Very fashion with their very different designs.

Auction History

Auction has finished

The winner of this item is :Pierre Gaumond

Date Bid User Auto
2018-12-19 19:27:05$25.00Pierre Gaumond Auto
2018-12-19 19:27:05$25.00Guillaume Rivest
2018-12-18 22:11:53$22.00Pierre Gaumond Auto
2018-12-18 22:11:53$22.00Michel Blais
2018-12-14 20:36:05$19.00Pierre Gaumond Auto
2018-12-14 20:36:05$16.00Guillaume Rivest
2018-12-14 20:33:25$13.00Pierre Gaumond
2018-12-14 18:33:10$10.00Guillaume Rivest
2018-06-28 12:00Starting bid is 10$